All About the Walnut Species

Walnut is a straight grained hardwood that is very popular across a variety of woodworking trades in North America.  Here at WoodCo, we manufacture a lot of Walnut wood floors and stair parts, lets explore what makes this wood species so special. 

Common Name: Black Walnut
Scientific Name: Juglans nigra
Janka Hardness Rating: 1010

About Walnut
Walnut lumber is warm in color, the sapwood is a golden blonde color while the heartwood ranges from medium to dark brown.  The grain tends to run straight, but it is not uncommon to see unique patterns such as wavy or curly grain.  Walnut lumber is typically steamed after harvesting, this process darkens the light sapwood to make the boards more uniform in color.   Select grade walnut tends to have more sapwood but less knots because it has been cut from the outside of the log, while character grade will have more knots and less sapwood as it is cut from the inside of the log.  

Our Common Milling Options
Walnut is often milled into a wide plank floor, herringbone pattern, chevron pattern, Versailles pattern or a custom flooring pattern.  We also mill custom Walnut stair parts to match your flooring.  Walnut slabs are also popular for table tops.  

Our Walnut Flooring Products

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Projects Featuring Walnut

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