Fees & Discounts

Information for customers and Distributors

Storage Fees

WoodCo is pleased to offer 7 days of free storage from the date of invoice. A storage fee of $100.00 per week* after the first 7 days will be applied to any order that has not been completely picked up. Any applicable storage fees must be paid in full before materials will be released.

*The storage fee is for our standard pallet size of up to 12ft long. If your material is oversized, the storage fee doubles.

Invoice Terms (discounts)

All our invoices are created and dated at the time the order is ready to ship from our facility. If 1% discount for payment within 10 days is offered to you on the invoice, the 10 days starts from the invoice date. It is not based on the ship date.

Credit Card Surcharge

All invoices that are paid via Credit Card will have a 2.5% surcharge added. This is to help offset the 3%+ surcharge that WoodCo receives for accepting that form of payment.