Custom Pattern Wood Flooring

  • Custom 2
  • Custom 1
  • Custom
  • End grain
  • Herringbone
  • Chevron-2
  • Versaille
  • Random widths
  • Consistant width

Product Specs




    STANDARD 3/4" OR 5/8"


    8 - 12%


    $ - $$$$$

Product Code: Custom Pattern

Custom Pattern Wood Flooring 

Do you have a specific pattern in mind for your floor, or are you not sure what option is best for your project? Talk to one of our wood flooring experts today to discuss your next wood flooring project. Our mission is to enhance your designs through our expertise and personalized service, we can't wait to help you design your ideal wood floor. 

I like how easy it is to work with WoodCo. The staff is very friendly and professional they also have a lot knowledge about their products.

Eliseo, San Antonio, TX

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