The Perfect Interior Wall Paneling for You

By: Debbie George

October 03, 2016


Do you have holes in your walls? Scratches? Paint chips? Or just looking for a perfect accent wall?

WoodCo has the answer for you… Introducing our new 3D Wallboards, a unique and easy to install interior wall paneling perfect for any room.

I know you’re thinking WoodCo? Wall paneling? I didn’t even realize. Many people do think of WoodCo for reclaimed flooring, solid and engineered flooring or just flooring in general. WoodCo does specialize in reclaimed flooring and we actually have always offered wall paneling in case you were not aware. A lot of our wall paneling’s were reclaimed from old barns and building and showed character in their look. For those who liked a particular floor, our mill produced the floor into a thickness fit for a wall, but back then there was limited availability to choose from. Many clients were shying away from the “rustic” look and were focusing on more modernized and clean look for their home or office. Thus we decided to introduce a whole other side of products for the more trending clientele.

Our 3D Wallboards offer a wide range of colors, from one stain with soft tones keeping inherent to the natural grain of wood. Or various shades of wood strips composed of intense tones with subtle and refined areas. We offer rich shades of brown and maple to white, tans and shades of grey and are all pre-finished with a varnish gloss for just a hint of shine at every angle.

These wall paneling’s come in engineered 44” in length and about 14” in width, perfect for those seeking an easy to install wall paneling on a schedule. The overall look will be tiny pieces interlocking together to make one grand statement. Simply measure where you want your panels to lie, grab some polyurethane construction glue and start adding in the panels.

For those who seek a more detailed and refined look, we also have a peel & stick option, these are individual boards in different sizes in length and width for those who would like a larger dimension in the texture of their wall. The longest piece will be 48” with the smallest coming in 12” and the widest piece will be 7” wide and thinnest is 3”. How is that for contrast?

Whichever wallboard you choose this is for sure. Not only will you add a 3-dimensional effect to your wall or ceiling, but the color, texture and finish will create the perfect focal point for your guests all at an affordable price. Best part about it, they go perfect with your hardwood flooring.

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