Revolutionary New Products!

By: Webmaster

August 10, 2017

Green Building

New from WoodCo!

WoodCo is excited to announce the launch of our two new and very exclusive products: Barton and Toledo!

We have created two new 3D wallboard styles – one for the contemporary and clean projects, and the other for projects that need the rustic look of reclaimed. We took our Wheaton and Thames wallboards – two favorites among the WoodCo family – and turned them into seamless, interlocking panels which can be installed on top of sheetrock. These 3D wallboards guarantee an inexpensive and worry-free installation for designers and installers alike. WoodCo is passionate about making your job easier without sacrificing results.

Construction & Installation

Both new wallboards are constructed as interlocking panels to make your installation a breeze! With an easy installation and inexpensive way to add warmth to your walls, these new products are a dream come true. All you need is a saw, some construction adhesive, a nail gun and a wall. For a ‘how to’ guide and a step-by-step installation video, please check out our installation tips here.

Environmentally friendly

These two new products are made from reclaimed barn siding which means that the materials were rescued and recycled rather than cutting down and milling new lumber. You can rest assured that your materials are acquired from sustainable sources that won’t harm the environment. These products are even AWARD WINNING for being sustainable. At the Metrocon Expo this past weekend, August 10th & 11th, WoodCo was awarded the Lean & Green award for best sustainable new product. What an honor!

Barton 3D Wallboard

This 3D wallboard is made with a finish that is similar to our Wheaton wallboard. This rescued barn wood is complete with a patina face and a mixed hardwoods aesthetic. Whether you are adding an accent wall to your home or wanting to add wood elements to a commercial space, this 3D wallboard is going to be perfect for you! If you love the look of this 3D Wallboard but would rather use a plank construction, check out our Wheaton wall paneling here.

Toledo 3D Wallboard

For a finished, yet unfinished look, try our new Toledo 3D Wallboard. This wallboard has the look and feel of natural wood with a clear finish to help protect and maintain your new walls. With a smooth milled face, this reclaimed wood has a clean, fresh look! If you love this look but would prefer a plank, try our Thames Plank, you can find it here.


 Look & Style

What’s great about our new wallboards is that both products have the ability to complement whatever style you are going for. Toledo would be a great choice for a modern application or even something a little more rustic and bohemian. Similarly, Barton could be installed with stainless steel accents to give a more industrial feel or you can use Barton with rustic décor to give a warm and homey vibe. Additionally, both wallboards are finished with a 100% invisible oil so you are able to add any other oil finish to the surface to change your look and/or color if needed. Whichever product you choose, you’re going to get a great product and a great look!

As always, if you have any questions or would like some more information on our new products please don’t hesitate to contact our wood experts! If you’re in the San Antonio area feel free to stop by our design center and check out our beautiful new wallboard in person. If you’re a little further away, no worries! Contact us for samples… you don’t have to miss out!