2018 Wood Flooring Trends

By: Webmaster

November 29, 2017

In the market for a new floor for your home or space? Here are some predicted trends for 2018 to give you some inspiration on how to spice up your floors.


Parquet wood flooring is increasing in popularity as this is an easy way to add design to your floors. Herringbone wood floors (left image below) and chevron wood floors (right image below) seem to be the most popular style of parquet flooring currently, though here at WoodCo, we are able to do these styles and more! 

Patterned Wood Floors

Parquet Wood Flooring

Wide Plank

Wide plank wood flooring can help make your space appear larger so it’s no surprise that people are choosing this style flooring for the minimalist/modern look that’s been in trend. This trend can make modern homes more contemporary and old homes look more rustic depending on the application and your preference. 

Wide Plank Wood Floors

Wide Plank Reclaimed Wood Floors


For 2018, cool tones will likely be on the rise. There has been an increase in popularity in gray and “greige”, which is a mixture of gray and beige. Warmer tones have somewhat decreased in popularity as more and more people are picking cool tones on both the walls and floors. Below is our Harlingen plank (left) which is more of a greige and Jefferson plank which is a medium toned gray.

Wire Brushed Floors

To add a touch of texture, some people have moved from distressed floors to wire brushing as this is a more “modern” take on distressed wood floors. With this style you will get a bit of texture that brings out the natural grain of the wood and will also help mask everyday wear and tear and scratching. 

Varying Widths

Random width is becoming more and more common in wood flooring. This installation style gives your wood flooring a more natural look than if you were to use identical size planks. 

Which one should you choose?

This is going to be entirely up to your preference. These trends for 2018 are definitely unique and add interest to your floors, however, choose the option that’s going to be best for your space. There is absolutely nothing wrong or out of style with choosing a medium, warm toned wood, or consistent width planks.  Contact our friendly team of wood flooring experts for assistance choosing the right floor for your needs.  You can also request a sample of the products here