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Who is WoodCo? We are a custom wood flooring manufacturer. Although we do have standard items that are our most popular colors, species and styles, WoodCo is all about custom. Browse through our wood flooring categories to find a product that you love, don’t find the perfect match? No problem let me run you through the process of creating your custom wood floor so we can create something entirely unique for your interior design project.

Each section below is an area where you can customize your floor.  Create a truly custom wood floor or simply tweak an existing product. Most of our current products listed on this site can be customized, if you want to add a texture or change the width just let our wood flooring experts know.


The species of wood you choose is the base of your wood flooring. Consider the hardness of the wood as well as the sap content. The harder the wood, the less likely it is to dent, which is better for high traffic areas. Some species contain a lot of sapwood which creates a contrast in color between the darker heartwood and lighter sapwood. If you are looking for an even colored floor, choose a species with a lower sap content, like oak. Here are our top nine species, feel free to contact us if the species of your choice is not on this list.

  1. American White Oak
  2. European White Oak
  3. French White Oak
  4. Hickory / Pecan
  5. Mesquite
  6. Reclaimed Long Leaf Pine
  7. Reclaimed Oak
  8. Reclaimed White Oak
  9. Walnut

Learn more about these different species here.


The grade of the wood depicts how the wood looks visually, it measures the amount of variations in the wood including color and natural markings. At WoodCo, we describe the wood flooring grades starting with the cleanest. Therefore, grading, in order, goes from clear, select, character, to rustic.

To understand the different grades of wood flooring more in depth, click here.


Solid or engineered? Our wood options are available in both. If you are unsure which option is recommended for your project, take our Solid or Engineered Quiz. If you are curious about the difference between a solid and an engineered wood floor, read more here.


How wide do you want your flooring? From 2 ¼” wide strip flooring to super wide plank flooring up to 26” wide we will have a width that will suit your space. The most common width that is trending now is a 7” wide plank. Read more about wide plank wood flooring here 


Standard lengths are 2’ – 10’, if you want something different from that let us know. Just be mindful that you must be able to get the boards into the room for installation.


Texture can add character and contrast to the wood flooring in your space. It can add a special elegance or rustic feel depending on the look you’re going for. In addition to changing the look of your wood materials, textured wood has some additional advantages. For example, if you use a textured floor in your home or commercial space, you can more easily mask any accidental scratches, dents, or dings since it is more likely to blend into the finish of the wood. From a contemporary to rustic, we have a texture to meet your needs. Explore our textures here.


Our six most popular patterns are displayed below, but we are always open to custom projects as well!
Whether you are a designer, architect, installer, or home owner, we’re sure to have something to meet your requirements. Explore our different pattern options more in-depth here.

wood floor patterns


You have two options here, unfinished or prefinished. With an unfinished wood floor, your installer will typically do the finishing on site. If you choose the prefinished option, the floor will come to you finished and ready to install. Most solid wood floors are finished on the job site, while engineered wood floors are often prefinished.


Just like paint, wood flooring color options are endless. From white to black or blonde to dark brown, we can create a color for your floor. For more unique colors we can smoke or fume the wood before staining it, this gives the wood a more interesting depth of color. If you have a color you like, let us know we are happy to match it for you.

Finish Sheen Level

Do you like your floor matte or with a little shine? Sheen levels depict how much shine or gloss your floor will give off. From ultra-matte to glossy, we can give your floor the level of shine your space calls for.  

Not sure what options are the best for your design ?  Talk to one of our wood flooring experts today to discuss your next wood flooring project today.   Our mission is to enhance your designs through our expertise and personalized service, we can't wait to help you design your ideal wood floor.  ...

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