Discovery Plank

Discovery Plank


Prefinished Mixed Red & White Oak Flooring.

This product is made from hand selected Oak boards to look like a reclaimed Oak floor. The Discovery plank is complete with warm rustic touches, including saw marks and a square edge.  Oak is a very strong stable lumber with a very consistent grain pattern, making this a great option for high traffic areas.  

This product is 100% grown and manufactured in the USA.

This wood floor can be milled as a wide plank floor, herringbone pattern, or a chevron pattern.

  • Flooring Width
  • Thickness

This combination does not exist.


Species White Oak
Finish Polyurethane
Construction Engineered
Janka/Hardness 1360 - White Oak
Moisture 8 - 12%
Origin United States
Heartwood Content Varies
Hole Content Filled
Heartwood Content Varies
Checking Minimal
Grain Mixed
Grading Character
Estimated Cost $$$
Estimated Lead Time Current production lead time
Collection Mayflower
Pattern Plank
Color/Shade Brown/Medium


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