Penny Gap Paneling

Penny Gap Paneling

Penny Gap or Nickel Gap paneling are some of common names for this popular paneling planks.

We produce these in nominal sizes. 1 x 4, 1 x 6, 1 x 8, 1 x 10. Available in Poplar, pine, cypress, and many other woods.

This paneling has an 1/8" gap when the planks are put together. They are gapped about the thickness of a penny, thus the name penny or nickel gap. Long lengths of wood planks with a slight shadow gap between them making the planks stand out  This can be specified unfinished or prefinished to your custom color.
Manufactured for interior and covered exterior use.  Soffits, porch ceilings, interior walls, and interior ceilings are all places that benefit from this beautiful product. 

We dont reccomend this for exterior wall applications, or applications that will be in direct contact with the elements (sunlight and water).  Instead for those applications a Lap and Gap Product should be used as the profile allows for greater moisture movement compensation. 

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