The Benefits of French Oak Flooring!

By: Webmaster

February 09, 2021


Oak has long been the wood prized by craftsmen and artisans, the world over. Unmatched in its strength and resilience, Oak has been tested time and again, in peace and in battle, Castles, Warships, Manor Houses, Doors, Wine barrels, Whiskey barrels, fine furniture and flooring. All of these owe a great debt to the mighty oak tree.

There are over 600 different species of the oak tree, but long revered for its fine qualities and even colors is French Oak.

It has a high tannin content, that makes it very desirable for many uses. Long used in the barrel industry, due to the distinct flavors that it imparts to the wine or whiskey, this same wood graces many floors. The same high tannin content that flavors the wines also allow you to create custom colors on your floor that would otherwise be nigh on impossible.

Cool deep greys, dark rich browns, warm coffee colors and light airy whites, these are all possible with the French Oak species. It is possible to create a very monolithic floor that could grace an art gallery or a vibrant characterful floor that just invites you to smile.

The Concan Plank in a 7" width is our most popular French Oak floor. WoodCo has around 30,000 square feet ready to ship to you.

WoodCo manufactures and supplies thousands of square feet of unfinished and prefinished French Oak floors every year, from the super wide and super long, (18" wide and over 26ft long) to the more standard 7" planks, WoodCo is able to fill your need. Lumber for manufacturing stairs, doors, paneling etc, is also readily available.

This shows the thickness of the top layer of our 3/4 engineered French oak. It is comparable to a Solid Wood Floor. Widths up to 18" wide. Lengths over 26ft long

Solid Vs Engineered

The final finished product, a beautiful French Oak floor.

Macchiato Plank

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