The Sporting District - A Story Lives on
San Antonio, TX

Architect: N/A

Designer: N/A

Photo Credits: WoodCo

Materials Used: Reclaimed Joske's Heart Pine Flooring and Reclaimed Joske's Heart Pine Shelves 

The Sporting District is a men's specialty shop located at the historic Pearl Brewery. While building the shop, lumber was needed to fit the image of the store.  What a better place then to turn to WoodCo for reclaimed lumber! This store wanted to showcase the craftsmanship and ruggedness of past men's sporting dating back to times of saloons, gambling and dance halls. Here, you will find all shelves, benches and flooring made from the lumber that was extracted from the old Joske's building in downtown San Antonio. History is not only passed on from one timeless retail space to another, but a story will be told for years to come. 

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