The Phipps Building
San Antonio, TX

Phipps Building 

Architect: Durand-Hollis Rupe Architects, Inc. 

Designer: Robert Moritz

Photo Credits: Mark Menjivar

Materials Used: Chesapeake Plank - WC304, Saw Marked/Patina Face Long Leaf Pine Lumber
Character Grade Solid Long Leaf Pine Flooring.

The Phipps Building is located in Downtown San Antonio and doubles as the home of Phipps Anderson Deacon Law Firm and the Paramour Bar. This building is a 30,000-square foot attraction that includes different uses of metal, a storefront within a structural steel frame and is finished with wood accents throughout the law office and top bar. This industrial type building is perfectly mixed with the love for the Texas Hill Country as the steel and metal boldly showcase the youth and energy of the firm.

WoodCo provided the rustic looking Chesapeake Plank, which is a character grade long leaf pine floor filled with knots and heartwood. The dark brown of this character floor contrasts the cold steel of the rooms. Most of the lumber used for the tables, doors and bar tops were saw marked/patina face "Joske" type lumber, which have gracefully made its way into several of San Antonio's new projects and have also found a new home at this location. Over 29 wood joists were used in the make up of this architectural beauty and WoodCo is always grateful to be a part of such strong designs. If you ever want to have a drink atop the Paramour Bar, don't forget to notice your surroundings as you walk through a part of history.

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