The Children's Discovery Center
South Carolina

Construction: Trinity Construction

Photo Credits: CDC

Materials Used: Dover End Grain 
Mesquite End Grain Rounds

The Children's Discovery Center located in Mount Pleasant, SC is an early care and education facility that supports the family within a creative, nurturing and Christian environment.  The facility is setup to perfectly cater to the growing and curious minds of children.  Inside the Discovery Room is a unique wood floor, the Dover End Grain.  This floor is exceptionally hard and resilient, perfect for a busy childrens play area.  The Dover end grain is made up of mesquite rounds, this is where the tree is sliced horizontally.  In this case the bark was left on to give it extra character.  Each round piece of the tree is unique and retains the natural irregular shape of the tree.  

You may be wondering why the end grain is such a good option for a high traffic area such as a child's play room.  End grain is not only very aesthetically pleasing to the eye but also is extremely durable.  The strong and dense fibers run vertically through the length of the tree, when cut into end grain they retain this strength.  Then end grain fibers absorb impact making this style of wood flooring much less susceptible to denting.  End grain wood flooring has been used for centuries in factory buildings, high traffic commercial buildings, boardwalks and much more, simply because of the durability. 

This fun floor is perfect for sparking creativity in a littles mind, can you imagine the fun games of hopscotch you could have on this wood floor?  Call our team of wood experts at (855) 864-7867 to discuss the perfect wood flooring option for your next project.  

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