Pret A Manger

Architect: N/A

Builder: N/A

Photo Credits: Pret A Manger

Materials Used: Granbury Plank - WC200
Engineered Smoked European Oak Flooring used as wallboard.

Founded in 1986 in the City of Westminster, London Pret A Manger is not your typical sandwich/coffee bar shop. Pret A Manger /prɛt ə ˈmɑːnʒeɪ/ (French for Ready to Eat) emphasizes the use of natural ingredients in all their food items, including all milk and coffee is 100% organic. So don’t expect to see any “sell-by” dates on their sandwiches and salads and at the end of the day all leftover food is donated to charity.

In early 2000’s Pret A Manger made its way to the United States with local shops in and around the East Coast. The natural ingredients restaurant uses natural wood products in their shops and seemed like a perfect match made. Therefore, when WoodCo heard Pret A Manger was adding more locations we reached out to the company and referenced our Granbury Plank – which is the same Smoked European Oak they use in their Europe locations except available in the United States through WoodCo. The Granbury Plank is originally an engineered floor, but can easily be used as wall paneling like all other floors at the WoodCo showroom. The wood walls are accented around the restaurant and are highlighted with writings reflecting their company’s standards. The distressed and UV oiled floor gives the bistro a subtle look with slight characteristics peaking through each letter.

WoodCo enjoys working with Pret A Manger and has provided materials for multiple locations in the New York area, including the recently opened location in The World Trade Center.  

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