Johnny Rockets - The Original Hamburger
San Antonio, TX

Architect: N/A

Designer: N/A

Photo Credits: WoodCo

Materials Used: Brazos Wallboard - WC812
Reclaimed Patina Face Mixed Softwoods.

Burgers, shakes & fries and the home of all-American food and fun! Johnny Rockets held its grand opening on March 5th, 2016 at the recently renovated Joske’s building now known as The Shops at Rivercenter in Downtown San Antonio, TX.

What makes this burger joint so unique, is not only their 50’s inspired theme diner, but the meaning behind their décor. When franchisee owners Javier Sainz and his wife came into the WoodCo showroom he knew he needed to match a specific wall paneling coinciding with other Johnny Rockets locations. At first he chose a different wall paneling, but after a deliberation with corporate, it was decided the wallboard didn’t fit the palette quite well. He came back to WoodCo and this time he met with Warwick George. Upon asking more questions, George learned this location would open at the newly renovated Joske’s building. George mentioned when Joske’s was gutted we had acquired the joists used in the original building. Sainz contacted corporate and they thought to have a piece of history on the wall itself would fit perfect as the wood décor and blend with the Johnny Rockets façade.

As you approach the Johnny Rockets restaurant you notice the logo flushed against a reclaimed patina faced wall paneling. Right before you enter there lies a gold plaque that reads, “This wood was restored from the Historic Joske’s building. Built in 1867.” For those who haven’t been to the Shops at Rivercenter and for those who have, I encourage you to take a walk at this downtown marvel and when you do, be sure to visit Johnny Rockets. You will not only fall in love with the food, but the historic wall paneling as well! Every object tells a story if you know how to read it.

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The Sporting District - A Story Lives on
San Antonio, TX