Gates Mineral Office

Architect: Drewry Martin Architects

Furniture Designer: Hausmann Consulting, Gene Hausmann

Photo Credits: WoodCo

Materials Used: Edinburg Plank – WC308 and  Sinker Cypress Lumber 

Select Grade Long Leaf Pine Flooring and Sinker Cypress Lumber for interior and exterior.

The Gates Mineral Co. is located on the Northeast side of San Antonio and primarily operates in Oil and Gas. This high-end custom designed building is an intricate creation equipped with long leaf pine flooring throughout the halls and office spaces. Sinker Cypress was used outside and inside the ceilings.  The Sinker Cypress was a perfect choice of wood to use as it exhibits a variety of hues and gives contrast to the dark stone and polished concrete. Our specialty lumber of  "curly" long leaf pine was used on a range of closely crafted desks, cabinets and closet doors showcasing the details of the architect's and furniture designer's visions. Bar stools were creatively made of long leaf pine lumber and steel to look like oil derricks. This building is a wood lovers dream!

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