El Mirador Reopening
San Antonio, TX

Architect: N/A

Builder: Southantonio Builders

Photo Credits: Robert Alvarado 

Materials Used: Wheaton Wallboard - WC818
Mixed Hardwoods, Patina Face Wall Paneling.

El Mirador, a San Antonio landmark serving authentic Mexican cuisine will finally re-open its doors with a new menu, design and food on December 29, 2016. The renovated restaurant will feature WoodCo's Wheaton Wallboard, a mixed hardwoods original patina face wall paneling. This wallboard rests upon the ceiling and perfectly accents the existing beams the owners wanted to keep in memory of the original hacienda-style restaurant. El Mirador shut down in May after being bought by Chris Hill, whose other properties include Esquire Tavern and St. Benedict Lofts. Never speaking a word about his vision he just simply hinted it would take customers back "to the beginning days of El Mirador." Southantonio Builders was in charge of helping complete the look of already iconic Mexican Restaurant and where else would he turn, but to WoodCo. Simply searching reclaimed wall paneling, Southantonio found WoodCo right down the street. Not only do we love the finished project, but we hope you enjoy the new atmosphere and food at El Mirador. For more information on the Wheaton Wallboard, call one of our Sales Consultants Today at (855) 864-7867. 

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