Interior Wood Wall Paneling

Wood walls are appearing in a wide range of spaces from residential to commercial and retail to hospitality. Wood walls are very effective, they are easy to install and have a huge impact on the feel of the space. Don’t be limited by the wall paneling category, a lot of tongue and groove wood flooring also gets installed on the wall. Just like on a wood floor, you can incorporate textures and patterns to create a wood wall that is unique to your space. With so many styles and colors available you will be sure to find a wood paneling to suit your interior design.

Plank Wood Wall Paneling

Wood wall planks are a popular choice for a wall application, available with a square edge or a tongue and groove profile. A square edge profile is commonly used when you have a thinner board (5/8” thick or thinner) and is often installed using construction adhesives and pin nails. The tongue and groove profile is the same profile used with flooring and is often used with a thicker board (5/8” or thicker).

Honey Plank wood flooring used as a wood wall paneling on the walls of the Yeti Headquarters.

Yeti Headquarters Wood Wall

Square edge Wheaton Wallboard wood planks installed as a wood accent wall in CBI’s head office.

CBI Interior Accent Wood Wall

3D wood wall panels 

3D wood wall panels are a true wall paneling, meaning they cannot be used as flooring. If you are looking for a wood wall product that does not look like standard wood flooring then this category is for you. This product comes in five square foot panels that interlock with the next panel, creating a quick and easy installation for you. On each panel is multiple pieces of wood, different sizes and thicknesses. When you install the 3D wood panels you give the wall depth as well as the warmth and character of wood. The interior wall panels are easily installed using construction adhesive and pin nails.

The Ferris State University uses the San Juan 3D wallboard as a warm and interesting backdrop for displaying information.

Ferris University wood wall

The Cordillera Ranch Residence uses the Vaal 3D wallboard to add a feature to the fireplaces throughout the modern home.

Fireplace wood accent wall

Other wood wall paneling profiles- Page 2-3

V-groove, lap and gap and penny gap are the other three most common profiles that we mill here at WoodCo. Like the 3D wood panels, these profiles cannot be used as flooring. These profiles are also very popular for exterior use, as they help the wood panels breathe evenly preventing movement. Thanks to the Fixer Upper show on HGTV by Chip and Joanna Gains, shiplap (aka Lap and Gap) has grown in popularity in a lot of residential projects. The shiplap style creates clean lines that give you the warmth of wood with some subtle texture. For design ideas, look at Apartment Therapy’s site here

No matter what profile you choose or what type of project you are working on, WoodCo has a wood wall paneling product to suit your needs. If you did not see a perfect match on our website, talk to our wood experts about a custom milling or custom finish, after all we are here to make your designs a reality.

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