A Unique French Oak Log

A Unique French Oak Log

A unique French Oak log is now available from WoodCo. What makes this log exclusive is not only how enormous it is but the fact it is pippy oak.

Pippy oak, sometimes referred to as “Cat’s Paw Oak” due to its markings, comes from vast forests in France. Because of the open nature of the forests in which it grows, pippy oak develops ‘epicormic growth’ on the trunks of the trees which penetrate through the tree to the center. Because of these growths, there are visible markings on the board resembling cat’s paws when the wood is cut perpendicularly.

The heartwood of French pippy oak is unique in the patterns and markings it contains which make it highly unique and highly prized for everything from flooring, wall paneling, and even furniture making. The color can range from a light brown to a dark golden brown.

This log is so special because pippy oak usually only grows to about 10' while this log is around 32” across and is 40’ long. This log was transported from the forest to our French sawmill where it was cut into slabs and will then be kiln dried.  After the log has dried it will be shipped in a container to the USA.  This log is estimated to be ready for your project in early Fall.

This log is a truly one of a kind. What will you use something this unique for? French Oak slabs make beautiful table tops, vanity tops, bar tops, mantle pieces and much more.

One thing we can be sure of is that this unique log is going to be a huge hit and might not be in stock for very long. Give one of our friendly Wood Experts a call today to secure your very own one-of-a-kind piece!  

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