When choosing a prefinished floor... Choose and oiled floor.

Since working at WoodCo, I have come across numerous of clients looking for hardwood flooring. The trouble is, there are plenty of options available and not enough knowledge of which direction to turn. If you are interested in hardwood floor, without the hassle of dust and waiting in your home and like the product as seen in our showroom, then I would suggest a prefinished oiled floor.

For a prefinished floor there two main types of hardwood finishes; polyurethane and oiled. WoodCo’s prefinished selections are oiled and about 95% of our prefinished floors are WOCA oiled.

A WOCA oil is a European style oil finish that will both penetrate and harden to achieve a very wear resistant finish. WOCA oils, containing primarily cold pressed vegetable oils and aromatic hardening oils, penetrate into the surface of the wood floor and, as they cure, harden to form a very protective surface that becomes part of the wood floor. Therefore, small scratches and indentions do not show up as much as with a polyurethane finish.

A Polyurethane finish is like a liquid plastic, often a pure synthetic or a blend with resin. Though it protects the overall surface of your hardwood, it is more susceptible to cracking from heat and UV damage. Meaning if you were to scratch your floor, once the surface is damaged it affects the wood itself and needs more repair than you would need with a WOCA finished floor.

If you damage your polyurethane finished floor, the first step to repair it would be sanding the damaged areas. If there are deep scratches, then you’ll have to use a coarse sandpaper to start the process. Of course by sanding the damaged you have to extend the sanding to the edges not damaged to keep the floor the same smoothness level before you apply your finish. Once sanded, you will need to remove all excess dust to ensure a clean surface. Apply the first coat of the finish and let dry for about 3-4 hours, re-sand and repeat. Most polyurethane finishes need about two or three coats and after the final coat is applied, you must allow 24 hours before use.

For WOCA finish floors, the repair is easy as 1-2-3. For small scratches and dents simply clean the area and apply a refreshing oil to the area by brush or rag, let it sit for 30 seconds and wipe clean and allow to dry. Or you can also use a WOCA paste, which acts the same way as the oil refresher, buff with a rag or machine and you are done. As soon as it dries, you are welcome to use your floors.

We always strive to better serve our clients and if you feel a prefinished hardwood floor from WoodCo, then give us a call today. Less hassle, more beauty, you won’t be disappointed with WoodCo’s prefinished selections.

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