Site Finished vs Factory Finished Wood Flooring

Are you looking to purchase a wood floor and aren’t sure whether to choose a site finish or a factory finish? There are multiple factors to consider, let’s explore them.

Firstly, what do these terms mean?

Site Finished: This is a wood floor that is sanded, stained, and finished on the job site where the material is installed.

Factory Finished: This is a wood floor that is sanded, stained and finished in the factory often where the flooring is milled. After delivery to the job site, installation is all that is needed.

What option is the best?

This is a debated topic and there is no right or wrong answer. With a site finished wood floor your finish is only as good as the contractor you hire. When you choose a factory finish the quality is going to be very dependable and consistent as it is often controlled by machines.

What factors influence this decision?

With an onsite finish you must allow time between coats of finish to harden before you can use the floor. However, after a factory finished floor has been installed it is ready for everyday use.

A factory finished floor also keeps most of the dust, fumes and unpleasant smells at the factory. Whereas an onsite finished floor brings them into your space.


Both options can be customized to your design. For a site finished floor, this will be limited by the skills -and tools that your installer has. For details on WoodCo’s custom wood flooring options, click here.


Both options are very competitive in price. The site finished flooring will have lower material costs, but higher installation and cleanup costs than a factory finished floor.

Are there any differences?

A factory finished floor means that your wood planks will have micro beveled edges. Without the micro bevel, any slight height differences due to the slab can cause a trip hazard and create damage to your floor.

Things to consider

Finishing a hardwood floor takes skill and craftsmanship, make sure that you hire a NWFA approved installer/finisher. Contact us for our recommended installer in your area.

A factory finished floor requires less skill on site to get great results. If this is going to be a DIY project or if skilled labor is in short supply a factory finished floor may be the best way to go.


Both a site finished and a factory finished floor from WoodCo will give you premium results. Both options are highly customizable and can be made to suit almost every interior design.

Feel free to contact our knowledgeable team to discuss your project needs today. Call us at (210) 298-9663 or email We look forward to making sure your next wood project is a success. 

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