Caring for your Oiled Hardwood Floors

These notes are guidelines. We strongly recommend clients seek independent advice on maintenance as each wood floor is uniquely finished. The guidelines listed below are only intended for Woca, Osmo and Monocoat wood floors provided by WoodCo.

At WoodCo, we offer three types of hardwood finishes: Woca, Osmo, and Monocoat oiled floors. Below, we have listed a few recommendations and guidelines for caring for your hardwood floors to make sure they look their best.

Daily Cleaning

Hardwood floors should be vacuumed or swept daily using a dust mop to remove dust and debris. Depending on the color of your wood floor, you may need to sweep more frequently. Darker floors take a bit more upkeep because of the way dust reflects off of it. Conversely, with lighter colored wood floors, you can probably get away with sweeping or dusting every other day.


Experts would suggest cleaning your hardwood floor with a recommended floor cleaner. If you are anything like me, once every week I dust mop my floor and clean it with a hardwood cleaner to give it a replenished look.

Here at WoodCo, we recommend cleaning your hardwood floors as regularly as necessary using a cleaner specific to your Woca, Osmo or Monocoat finished floor. Each oil manufacturer has unique products for these finishes to keep your floors looking brand new.

Click the links below to view complete maintenance and cleaning recommendations specific to your hardwood floor’s oil finish.

Woca -


Monocoat -

Every 3-5 Years

Apply a maintenance coat to your wood floor. We recommend that this be carried out by a specialist finishing contractor to ensure no accidental damage is caused.

Every Few Decades

Have your hardwood floor sanded and refinished by a specialist finishing contractor.

The Do’s of Caring for Your Hardwood Floor

Place mats at the outside and inside of entrances to avoid dirt and grit being carried inside from your shoes.

Dust or sweep your hardwood floors as needed to prevent dust from piling up.

Be cautious when moving heavy objects. We recommend that you do not push or pull furniture or appliances across your wood floor, but instead pick them up to avoid any scratching.

Use floor protectors on furniture and appliances to ensure no scratches or scrapes are transferred to your hardwood floor.

Be quick to clean any wet spills such as water, coffee or even pet accidents- if you have such an occurrence, clean it up immediately. The moisture will dull your wood and may cause your floor to warp.

The Don’ts of Caring for Your Hardwood Floor

Never use vinyl or tile cleaning products on your hardwood floor.

Never wet mop or steam mop your floor as water and steam can dull the finish and can damage the wood.

Don’t over-wax your wood floor. Wax buildup will dull the finish of your wood.

Avoid walking on your wood floors with sports cleats or high heels in disrepair. These shoes can dent and scratch the floor’s surface.

Don’t allow kids automatic toys and cars on your hardwood floor as they can scratch or scuff the surface (per experience).

For more information, be sure to visit our website or contact a Sales Representative Today! Our hardwood flooring experts will help you keep your floor looking it’s best. 

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