Behind the WoodCo Flooring Collection

You will find six collections in the wood flooring section of our new website: Hargrove, RockportKrugersMayflowerHancock and Royale Collections. Each collection was carefully chosen with thought and consideration.  Each collection has its own theme and each product has its own unique code and name.  Now, let me explain how this all came about and the story behind each one. 

First of all, we wanted our clients to have a frictionless experience when searching for a product.  Before any of the product names existed, they were simply labeled by type; meaning a lot of items of the same species looked identical.  WoodCo gave each product a unique name and classified them in collections based on the style of the wood and their unique features.  However, if you would like to see all collections at once, simply select the View all Collections and use the filters to find the perfect match.  Now, let’s delve more into each collection. 

The Hargrove Collection 

WoodCo is family owned and operated, so it was only fitting to keep ancestral names in the company.  Hargrove is the last name of the owners’ great-grandmother from the 1800’s.  We decided to use New England cities to carry on our legacy through this collection.  Here, you will find our most contemporary wood flooring and select grade products, meaning that most knots and natural markings from the wood are removed, leaving you with a very clean modernistic floor. 

The Rockport Collection 

The biggest collection to date, just like the state it hails from, Texas!  WoodCo is located deep in the heart of Texas, where it is often heard “everything is bigger in Texas”.  The products in this collection are Light Character which is sometimes also referred to as Euro Character.  These floors tend to be very popular, having a balanced amount of natural wood knots and markings. 

The Krugers Collection

The only collection that is not manufactured in the USA.  This collection is manufactured in Germany by HKS, one of the worlds top engineered European oak flooring manufactures. All the floors in this collection are engineered and prefinished, and are all available in wide widths, chevron and herringbone patterns.  The Krugers collection has quickly grown to one of our most popular collections for designers all across the USA, featuring finishes from airy whites to deep browns.  The name of this collection and its products were inspired by the owner of HKS, whose family name is Kruger.  The products inside this collection all follow a coffee theme for names, you will find sugar, macchiato, crema, cacao and more. 

The Mayflower Collection 

This collection has one of the most interesting stories behind the name.  The owners of WoodCo are direct descendants of Governor William Bradford who came across the Atlantic on the Mayflower in 1620.  William Bradford was elected Governor of the Plymouth Settlement in 1621, which he served for 30 years. The governor was in charge for the first Thanksgiving feast which was held in 1621.  This collection commemorates famous boats, like the Mayflower, that impacted the world’s history just like Governor Bradford.  The Mayflower Collection offers our most rustic floors.  If you are seeking a floor with centuries of history engraved in each piece then this is the collection to look in. 

The Hancock Collection 

This collection was named after John Hancock, often remembered for his stylish “signature” on the Declaration of Independence.  The products follow suit with names of the leaders who have helped shape this country.  Inside this collection is a variety of great looking floors, a classic collection that will have something for everyone.  This collection is very popular when working with a budget. 

The Royale Collection 

The most stylish floor collection creating a room fit for royalty, thus the name Royale.  This collection contains interesting designs and patterned flooring, anywhere from Versailles patterns to herringbones to unique endgrains.  This collection's theme is based on royalty, thus the products are named after beautiful castles all over the world.   A floor from this collection will make your room come to life in a stunningly royal way. 

As you can see, each collection is unique and has a beautiful story behind it.  The WoodCo team researched the best fitting names for each collection and each product.  We wanted our names to be as timeless as the products themselves and become a trademark to WoodCo.  We hope you enjoyed this article and that it has helped clarify the meanings behind our collections.  Now when searching for a wood floor, you will have a better understanding of what collection to view.

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