Heat Treated TTAP Screws

  • Deckwise-8x2-heattreated-stainlesssteel-deckscrews-350ct

Product Specs

  • SIZE




  • TIP

    TTAP® T15 Star Drive delivers torque without stripping heads




    Four sided tip, serrated saw threads, nail point tip

Product Code: WC4008

With the new DeckWise® Self-Drilling Heat Treated Deck Screws, there’s no pre-drilling required for face screwing or hidden deck fastening. Our specially engineered screw nail point tips will penetrate the densest exotic hardwoods. The serrated thread design prevents deck boards from ugly splits or splintering, even when drilling close to the board edge.

DeckWise® Self-Drilling Deck Screws are heat treated for extra hard wood toughness. The nail point tip self-drills while serrated saw threads remove sawdust out of the way for flawless face screwing jobs. Featuring a patented TTAP® T15 Star Drive head with locking bit, this eliminates bit slipping, so builders won’t have to worry about the dreaded broken screws or stripped out heads. Engineered exclusively by DeckWise®, these Self-Drilling Deck Screws make installation of hidden deck fasteners easier and quicker than ever. 

I have worked with WoodCo on several spec heavy projects requiring extra attention to details, and Danny always does his best to get me the best material for my projects. The WoodCo team has really been an "Ace In The Hole" in my reclaimed wood needs. Every time I think the reclaimed wood industry has hit its peak, they come out with a new product, or process that keeps the trend fresh, and unique. If you have not been to the showroom yet - you need to go.

C. Keith -, Texas

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