WoodCo and William Bradford of the Mayflower

By: Debbie George

November 21, 2016


The Mayflower departed from Plymouth, England on September 6/16, 1620 after months of delays in England. The passengers of the Mayflower intended to land in the Colony of Virginia and as the Mayflower approached land, the crew spotted Cape Cod just as the sun rose on November 9, the passengers decided to head south to the mouth of the Hudson River in New York, where they intended to make their plantation. However, due to strong winter storms they turned back around and harbored at Cape Cod, now known as Provincetown. The passengers of the Mayflower are now referred to today as Pilgrims.

John Carver, who is credited as writing The Mayflower Compact, was the first official governor and its first signer. William Bradford being the second. Up to this time, Bradford had no real significance until he volunteered to be a member of the exploration parties. In November and December, these parties made three separate ventures from the Mayflower on foot, finally locating to what is now Plymouth Harbor and selecting this site for settlement.

Successful colonies require successful leadership. After the Carver perished from the harsh winter, Bradford was elected governor and stepped forward in the Plymouth colony. It was under Bradford’s guidance, Plymouth suffered less hardships than their English compatriots in Virginia. By early 1621, the Pilgrims had built crude huts and a common house on the shores of Plymouth Bay. Soon neighboring Indians began to build relations with the Pilgrims. Squanto, a local Indian served as an interpreter with the local tribes. He also taught the Pilgrims to fertilize the soil with dried fish remains to produce corn crops. Massasoit, signed a treaty of alliance with the Pilgrims in exchange for defense amongst the Narragansett tribe. Massasoit supplemented the food supply for the Pilgrims.

By the Autumn of 1621, the Pilgrims had much to be Thankful for with the help of the local Wampanoag tribe, including a hearty supply of food to sustain them through the next winter. Massasoit and about ninety other Indians joined the Pilgrims for the great English tradition of the Harvest Festival, known today as Thanksgiving.

As we look forward to Thanksgiving, WoodCo is proud to be connected to William Bradford on a more personal level. Bradford is a direct ancestor to WoodCo’s own George family and is the 15th great – grandfather of Warwick, Gareth and Debbie George. And to honor our much great grandfather we have the Mayflower Collection, which is named for the ship he sailed on and include names of other famous ships around the world. These timeless floors are our most rustic looking floors filled with rich history that never goes out of touch.

Please remember WoodCo will be closing early on Wednesday, November 23rd and will resume regular business hours Monday, November 28, 2016.

WoodCo wishes everyone a wonderful Thanksgiving celebrating with family and friends creating long lasting memories.