Ruhnau Clarke Architects Office

By: Debbie George

October 18, 2019


Ruhnau Clarke Architects

Architect: Ruhnau Clarke Architects

Materials Used:  Essex Plank
Engineered Reclaimed Patina Faced Oak Flooring

This office space is a perfect blend of clean, modern furniture mixed with a warm, rustic wood flooring.  As the designer quoted, "it really turned out amazing, the floors were such a hit! Everyone was asking about them and it was exactly what we were looking for to add character to the space."  Not only does the wood floor add character, but it is also very durable.  With the oak being harvested over 100 years ago, this material has already proved its strength.

For more information on the materials used in this project, please click the links above. If you'd like to find out how you can use these products in your next project give us a call at: (855) 864-7867. We look forward to hearing from you soon!