​Commercial Wood Floors From The Wood Experts

By: Debbie George

February 20, 2017


Commercial Wood Floors
When designing a commercial space, the floor can be one of the most important elements due to the large area it covers. The floor is often the main influence on all other areas of design in a space. When deciding on a wood floor for your commercial space, there can be many factors to consider such as durability, maintenance and adhering to commercial building codes. Inside the Hancock Collection, we have some eco-friendly commercial wood flooring options that come with many benefits; let’s explore them.

The Look
The Hancock Collection has two different styles of engineered constructed wood flooring. A 2mm wear layer on a plywood core or a 1 mm wear layer on an HDF (High Density Fiberboard) core. The latter wood flooring option is what we are going to focus on in this article. Keep in mind that these commercial wood floors are great for commercial wood wall paneling and commercial wood ceiling applications as well. Each plank is wire-brushed to perfection creating a commercial wood floor that is distinct in color and texture, made in the USA, engineered to amaze and perfect for your busy commercial space. 

Minimize Denting
One of the first things people think about when they consider a commercial wood floor is the problem of denting from heels, chairs and general use. The thin wear layer with the HDF core absorbs impact and thus makes this wood flooring option 2x more dent-resistant than the same product with a thicker wear layer. Under normal use, this means the wood floor will stay nice looking for a much longer time. To prove this point, we do a hammer test. When you take a piece of the wood floor and hit it with a hammer you should not get a visible dent, while if you take a sample of a solid wood floor or a floor with a thicker wear layer and hit it with the same or similar force you will get a good size dent in the wood floor. 

The finish of a wood floor is an important barrier of protection, it not only helps protect the wood below but also aims to increase the usability and durability of the floor. These commercial wood floors are finished with WearMax XT ceramic based aluminum oxide finish. This finish has been developed to shrink the aluminum oxide particles so more can be added per square foot, creating a wood floor finish that is more resistant to scratching. This commercial wood floor is 2x more dent resistant than an average wood floor so sanding it down should never be necessary. If you do experience some damage over time, you can screen and recoat (buff and coat) the wood floor as many times as needed. 

Maintain Value While Being ECO Friendly
Keeping your commercial space easy to maintain and looking good is an influencing factor for many spaces. With the extra level of protection provided by the finish and dent resistance, your risks of vandalism decrease significantly. Little things like a dent made from a pen writing on the surface are minimized, meaning after the ink is removed there shouldn’t be any marks left. With a 10-year light commercial warranty, you can be assured you are protected against a defective product. The dent protection and scratch resistant finish gives you peace of mind when it comes to the high foot traffic commercial spaces often bring with them. The HDF core is recycled from excess hardwood veneers used in making this commercial wood flooring. The core is mixed with a water resistant resin and pressed, creating a barrier that can be up to 5x more resistant to water than other commercial wood floors. Commercial Codes Regulations to keep people safe in a commercial space can limit a business’ interior finish selections. This wood flooring option is fire resistant, ensuring that your business meets the necessary fire codes required for your commercial wood floor, commercial wood wall paneling or commercial wood ceiling application.

ECO Friendly
The commercial wood floor is tested to be Phase 2 Carb Compliant for the lowest possible air emissions and there is no added formaldehyde. All raw materials are sourced from managed forests in the United States. By using 100% recycled hardwood to make the 2x more dent resistant HDF core and adding the superior WearMax XT finish leaves the thickness of the wear layer a minimal factor.

Choosing a commercial wood floor will bring the warmth of wood into your space while also being functional and cost effective. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to our team of wood experts for commercial wood floors at (855) 864-7867.