All About Wood on Walls

By: Webmaster

November 29, 2017


Did you know that all of our wood plank products can be used on the walls (and ceilings) as well as the floor? Here at WoodCo you don’t have to limit your designs -- we strive to help you achieve your design goals, whatever they may be.

Interior vs Exterior application

If you’re interested in using our wood plank products for the interior, you can use an engineered or solid construction -- it would be entirely up to your preference. Additionally, you can leave the wood unfinished as you’re less likely to have as much wear and tear as a floor would. If you’re planning to use wood for the exterior, try a solid wood as this will be the better choice for the outside environment. Unlike interior use, you absolutely should finish the wood if you’re using it in an outdoor application in order to keep it looking like new for as long as possible.

For an easy application, try our 3D interlocking wallboards. These wallboards make installation a breeze and make for a great look. We have several species including oak, maple, and even some reclaimed options for those looking for barn siding. Most of these 3D wallboards are prefinished but you do have the option to add another oil finish to create a unique end product.


Chevron and Herringbone patterns have been increasing in popularity and are predicted to be a huge trend for 2018. We can custom mill your favorite products to fit your design style. Though chevron and herringbone seem to be the pattern of choice, we can also mill our planks into a versailles pattern, endgrain flooring, or custom patterns.


Depending on your preference, you can have wall paneling in a variety of construction styles: shiplap, lap and gap, v groove, or paneling. At WoodCo, we can create any of these styles for you as we manufacture most of our products at our own mill.

Shiplap (also known as Penny Gap)

Shiplap is a type of wooden board which is commonly used in exterior applications like residences, barns, sheds, etc. Traditional shiplap has a groove cut into the top and bottom which allows the pieces to fit together to form a seal. This gives your wall distinctive, horizontal reveals between each piece.

V Groove

This profile type is a variation of shiplap which incorporates a bevel so the line between pieces looks like a V side on. This gives the wall a different look and allows for greater contrasts of shadows in the changing light.

Lap and Gap

This construction can be milled for vertical or horizontal installation. It is fitted so that one board overlaps the other, hence the name “Lap and gap”. If the climate you will be installing your wood wall in contains a lot of moisture, like in an outdoor setting, this construction is a good choice as it allows for rainfall or snow to fall down over the boards so there is a lower risk of moisture seeping through.

Tongue and Groove

This construction interconnects via a ridge (the tongue) which is cut into one side of the plank and is fitted into the slot (the groove). This results in a strong installation that is a great choice for weatherproofing and exterior applications.

For WoodCo’s standard profile guide, click here.

In conclusion, there are so many ways to use wood – at WoodCo you are not limited to just wood flooring. We can custom mill our wood products to fit your needs, so anything is possible. Whether you are looking for wood for an accent wall, barn siding, or something completely customized – we’re ready to help! Contact us today and let’s get started.