About Top German Manufacturer HKS

By: Debbie George

January 03, 2017


For about 180 years HKS has stood for exceptional expertise and specialized knowledge. This is especially true for the procuring of specialty woods from all over the world and the excellent subsequent treatment we provide through our qualified partners. We have worked successfully together with our customers in this way for decades.

The first steamboat, which went along the Dortmund-Ems canal towards Westphalia on 21 December 1898, was in transit to Kr├╝ger & Sohn with wood from Sweden. Subsequent treating of wood products was started early on.

The HKS product range, which today is under its 5th generation of family management, is unequalled. Our core competence is wooden flooring for indoor and outdoor using.

HKS considers itself to be a solution provider for business and industry clients and constantly seeks new, innovative products. Alongside the main sales territory in Germany, a large proportion of products are exported worldwide.