The WoodCo Source Book is Available to View!

By: Debbie George

April 29, 2016

Browse each individual source book based on any of your lumber needs.

For Flooring, view all our flooring collections in one place. We offer five different collections based on what type of floor you are looking for. The Hargrove Collection is for clients looking for a contemporary wood floor and a clean modern approach. The Rockport Collection offers light character flooring for those looking for an in between modern-to-reclaimed floor. The Mayflower Collection is the most rustic collection and is for clients who prefer their floors with knots and natural markings. The Royale Collection is our select patterned flooring fit for a king or queen! Lastly, the Hancock Collection is for those seeking a great floor, but not looking to spend a lot of money. Also included in our Flooring Source Book is our Decking Collection and customized Stair Parts to match your new wood floor.

Have you ever thought of adding an accent wall to bring more life to a room? View our Walls & Ceilings Source Book for a great selection of wallboards and ceilings. From rustic to modern, WoodCo has many options to choose from. Our latest additions include 3D Wallboards that are patterned, finished and ready to be installed in half the time.

You want to see our Beams & Roofing Source Book. Inside you will find our reclaimed beams from hand hewn to patina faced woods in different shades of species. Beams add an elegant touch to your ceilings or any outside living space. WoodCo also offers Wallaba wood shingles to finish out your new roof. Fun fact, Wallaba wood shingles start off reddish-brown and over time turn a beautiful silver color. How is that for a nice change?

Are you a furniture or cabinet maker or just interested in wood crafting hobbies? Then you want to view our Lumber Source Book and see all the different types of lumber we have available to create anything your heart desires. WoodCo has now also started offering Plytanium Sheathing Plywood.

As you can see, WoodCo offers a large selection of wood products. We encourage you to browse our entire WoodCo Source Book and see all our product collections. Included are pages of inspiration for any of your project needs. The WoodCo Source Book is updated every three months with new products. Our latest edition is located in our Catalogs page. Enjoy!

Click here to view our Source Books.