Hill Country Village Estate - Private Residence 01

By: Debbie George

June 15, 2016


Private Residence 01

Builder: McNair Custom Homes

Architect: N/A

Photo Credits: Rick Garza | Bright & Early Productions

Materials Used: Tilden Plank - WC226
Character Grade Walnut Flooring - Custom Engineered.

A transitional home located in Hill Country Village and a one of a kind residence by McNair Custom Homes in San Antonio, TX. This home is all around Texas chic including its character grade walnut floor. WoodCo had contacted the owner John McNair to try to schedule a visitation to our newly opened showroom and see the products we had to offer in person. McNair agreed and the moment he walked in, he noticed a particular walnut plank he thought would look great into one of his homes. The Tilden Plank is an originally solid unfinished floor, but since the slab had not been dropped McNair needed a glue down method, such as an engineered floor. WoodCo said we could mill our solid Tilden Plank into an engineered version if he wanted to do so. McNair went ahead and purchased the floor and the results showcase a timeless floor into a timeless home.